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Viper Tactical "casual-tactical"

Casual-tactical”, that is the category in which we could include the operators who, dressed as civil-tactical, camouflage themselves among the masses waiting for the moment to put on the gear carrier and start operating.

They are special operations forces, after all. And it seems that Viper Tactical has a really hit the spot in this category. Here we bring you a kit inspired by this reality with the latest products from this brand’s catalogue.


This sweatshirt is plush inside so it is very warm even if it is finished in a way that does not allow you to see it. Both the sleeves and the waist are finished in elastic closures that will help you retain body heat.

In addition, the hood is close with a string, which will keep your body temperature.

Aesthetically we like that the shoulder patches (the loop side of velcro) come with the Viper logo embedded, because it stands out but does not attract too much attention, low profile!


This long-sleeved technical t-shirt has a combat shirt design, with raglan sleeves and a Mandarin collar with zipper but the whole garment is made of the same polyester fabric instead of having a cotton-made torso and the sleeves in a stiffer fabric, keeping friction in mind.

Like the VP Mesh-Tech T-Shirt, it is a garment that works as a first layer or as an outer layer on hot days since, remember, preventing the sun from directly affecting the skin will keep us cooler.


This sports jacket has a central zip in reverse, so that when closed the teeth will be on the inside and therefore more protected, and the tip of the zip with the Viper logo (as you can see they take care of every detail). Closing the zipper completely creates a high collar regardless of whether we wear the three-piece hood or not.

This is a water repellent material (not to be confused with waterproof) that will be useful if, on top of the jacket, we carry a softshell because the rest of the garment is made of polyester and will get wet.


It is a short sleeve t-shirt with a very sporty design, marked in part by its raglan sleeves that offer greater freedom of movement. The fabric is very light so you need another garment that shelters you a little, while it works perfectly as a first layer or on very hot days.


The design of this sweatshirt is similar to that of the VP Armour Hoodie only that the outer part of the garment is made from fleece.

With a garment of this type you will only need a cotton shirt underneath to help you keep the body dry to enjoy a feeling of warmth. So you get an idea, even the “hand warmer” pocket has a narrow opening so that when you put your hands inside, you quickly recover the sensitivity in the fingers. Who is afraid of winter now?